Air Force Association (ACT Division)

Patron: AVM Roxley McLennan (Retd) AO

The Air Force Association is a non-profit organisation promoting social activities, welfare, commemoration events, aviation interest and the memory of fallen friends. The ACT Division of the Association meets 2-3 times per year at the Ainslie Football Club, Ainslie, ACT.

Membership is open to serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force and Allied Armed Forces, their family members, current and former Air Force Cadets, Air League Cadets and members of the public who have not served in any air force, but who have an interest in aviation and who support the mission and objectives of the Air Force Association.

Australian War Memorial

Attendances at memorials are to remember and commemorate those who died in the service of their country—they are not symbolic but of real participation for those who were lost.

Last update 12 Dec 22