F-4E Phantom II

F4 Phantom II

The greatest fighter/ground attack aircraft of the 1960s and 70s

Without doubt, the F4 Phantom II was one one of the famous aircraft in the Hall of Fame – its combat record in Vietnam and the Middle East are legendary and it was the mainstay of the Western Alliance air forces for over 20 years. Many called it brutish and uncouth; but it was a fast, powerful Mach 2 aircraft and served in many roles, including interceptor, strike, reconnaissance and defence suppression.

It was revered by its air and ground crews for its survivability, reliability and durability. The RAAF was fortunate to have operated these aircraft as interim aircraft in Nos 1 and 6 Squadrons in the early 1970s, after the Canberra and while awaiting the late delivery of the F111C. All capabilities of the aircraft were exploited and practised during its time in RAAF service. It was a sad day when they were returned to the USAF in 1973.

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F4 Phantom II

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