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Veterans disability and compensation entitlements are covered under various legislation and regulations. These are reviewed frequently by Government, mainly resulting from bureaucratic initiatives. On occasions, changes are made based on Ex-service organisations' and veterans' initiatives, but only after intense pressure from these groups or their local member. These reviews and other DVA reports, will be published as they are released.

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  • The End of the Afghanistan War

    It is not true to say that the US and its Allies lost the Afghanistan war, despite the disastrous US Forces withdrawal by Biden which resulted in such a chaotic ending. The Afghans declined to fight for their country—they lost the war.

    The US had the chance 20 years ago to rid Afghanistan of any Taliban control or preminence, but politics, French intransigence and probable world opinion, resulted in implementation of the Plan Lesser.

    Many compare the ending of the Afghanistan involvement with the withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975—incorrect to say they were the same. The South Vietnamese Armed Forces lost the war because the US Congress denied funds to support the South Vietnamese—while the North Vietnam Army (NVA) had massive support from Russia and China. The US Congress and large numbers of middle-America were to blame as they denied essential support to their ally, South Vietnam.