For Veterans

Veterans disability and compensation entitlements are covered under various legislation and regulations; reviewed only after Ex-service organisations' and veterans' initiative. These reviews and other DVA reports, will be published as they are released.

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    The military profession provides the protection of the existence of society as a whole. It is the military arm of the State and protects it through the controlled application of violence—professionals in the military manage the violence and this weight of responsibility and the moral dilemmas that may exist, set the military apart.

    However, the age of logic and heroes is being replaced by mediocrity, as evidenced by inclusion, social networking and the woke brigade.

    The LGB - Laser Guided Bomb

    A laser-guided bomb (LGB) is guided acurately to a target that is designated with a laser beam. Developed by the USAF and used in the Vietnam War, laser-guided bombs hit point targets with very high precision, destroying the target. LGB is a term that describes just that; no suffixes or additional letters will change the real meaning of LGB—not even the Sydney Mardi Gras.