About the Air Force Association (ACT Division)

The Air Force Association is a non-profit organisation promoting social activities, welfare, commemoration events, aviation history and the memory of fallen friends.

The ACT Division of the Association meets every second month at the Ainslie Football Club, Ainslie, ACT. Every second meeting is a luncheon meeting, when we have a guest speaker who joins us for lunch before speaking on a subject of interest to veterans. In addition, the Division holds an Anzac Day luncheon after the march and an end-of-year Christmas dinner.

Membership is open to all serving and ex-RAAF, WRAAF and members of other Air Forces and those with an interest in aviation. The Division is always looking for new members to assist in Association activities and to contribute their expertise. Duties are not onerous and many find it most rewarding.

Informality is the key to activities. Ranks and post nominals are only used for official and formal occasions.

The Association participates in Commemoration Ceremonies throughout the year, including the RAAF Anniversary Ceremony, Anzac Day (marching under the RAAF Association banner), the Battle of the Coral Sea, Korean Veterans Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, Battle for Australia and Remembrance Day. All members are welcome at these activities.

ACT Division is active in the ex-service community and attends briefings on special topics by Department of Veteran Affairs and attends other ex-service commemorations.


Third Monday every second month at 1230 Ainslie Football Club, Ainslie